Ragged Edges Duo Goes to Nashville - Day 1!

Earlier this month, we got to visit Nashville with our lovely wives!  It was an amazing trip all around!   

By the time we landed and got checked into our hotel, it was later in the evening.  But, those neon lights were calling out to us, and we just couldn't justify going to bed without heading downtown first.  After our first-ever Uber ride, we were taking in the sights and sounds on Broadway Street.  If you've never been to Nashville, you should definitely make the trip, even if you're not a huge country music fan--there's a lot more to Nashville than just country music. Broadway is literally block upon block of music clubs (honky-tonks for you country fans :) ), one after the other, lining both sides of the street.  We picked one and then spent the rest of the evening hopping from one club to another, listening to some truly great music, and the girls got to do some dancing in the Country Music Capital.  Our favorite band of the evening was a family band called The Taylors.  They had the most amazing lead guitar player.  I wanted to get her to adopt me, but it just wasn't to be. It was a great way to spend our first night in Music City. Here are some pics from that evening: